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Nutritious Snacking for a Healthy Mind & Body!

Amidst all the stress and tension of the exams and extensive studying, it is essential for the brain to receive proper nourishment to maintain the overall health of both the mind and body.  Incorporating mini meals or in-between snacks into your routine can be a valuable way of adding healthy nutrients into your diet and also prevent overeating due to all the exam stress and anxiety. To ensure optimum nutrition for healthy brain functioning, listed below are some beneficial and nutritious snack options for students like yourself:

  • Fruits:

There are a huge number of fruits to choose from, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. Their good water content helps you stay hydrated, while the fiber and antioxidants benefit your heart and overall health. They satiate your hunger and at the same time, leave you feeling refreshed and all charged up, making them suitable for all the seasons.

  • Fox nuts:

Loaded with essential nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other antioxidants, Fox Nuts are quite rare in our regular diet. Adding them in the daily diet helps in improving bone strength, immunity, skin health and hair.

  • Yogurt:

Adding yogurt to your daily diet helps maintain a healthy digestive system by killing harmful bacteria in the gut. It also acts as a catalyst to boost natural immunity which is of great importance in today’s time. Avoid consuming flavored yogurts as they are high in sugar content and instead, opt for plain yogurt with added berries, mangoes, or flakes for that extra taste and health benefits.

  • Sweet Potato:

Despite the many misconceptions, sweet potatoes make a great, filling snack. Hydrating and rich in fiber, these can easily be enjoyed after roasting on a stove or the oven.

  • Salads:

Fruit and/or vegetable salads help you consume a significant amount of both vitamins and minerals, filling nutritional gaps in your daily diet. They’re high in fiber, curbing sugar cravings, keeping you hydrated, and reducing daily calorie intake.

  • Mixed nuts:

Nuts provide a perfect balance of proteins, fiber, and healthy fat. Roasted nuts also make for a great snacking option but make sure to avoid excess sugar and salt since they are associated with several lifestyle disorders.

  • Cottage cheese:

Slices of cottage cheese with a little bit of salt and lemon make for a great snack, offering an excellent source of protein and other essential nutrients like calcium and vitamin B12.

  • Trail mix:

An adequate mix of nuts, dried fruits, and seeds is called a trail mix. Allow yourself to taste the flavors and goodness of the ingredients while ensuring low sodium and sugar content. This promotes a healthy heart and balanced blood sugar levels, while giving us just about the right taste and nutrition.

  • Dark chocolate:

Opt for dark chocolate, which is low in sugar and supports gut health. You can also enjoy almonds covered in dark chocolate for a protein-packed, energy-boosting snack. Also who doesn’t love chocolates after all?

  • Popcorn:

High in fiber, popcorn keeps you full longer. Prepare them at home with healthier toppings for a satisfying and guilt-free snack.

  • Chickpeas and Red Kidney Beans:

Soak and boil them to create a nutritious salad. These legumes are rich in minerals, vitamins, fiber, and protein; and make for a very healthy snacking option.

  • Granola bars:

Made with ingredients like mixed seeds, oats, chocolate, nuts, almonds, walnuts, cashews and raisins, granola bars are a delicious and filling snack, and can be made at home itself.

  • Cheese slices:

High in calcium, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin K, and vitamin A, cheese strengthens bones and provides essential nutrients. Enjoy it raw for a quick and healthy indulgence.

  • Dates:

Highly nutritious and a great sugar substitute, dates improve digestion and brain function. Consume them on their own or blend them into a smoothie with milk and fruits of your choice for added antioxidants.

  • Corn:

A corn on the cob makes for a healthy and nutritious gluten-free snacking option that promotes eye health. Whether boiled or roasted, it’s a tasty choice.

In conclusion, there are plenty of healthy and nutritious snack options available for one to indulge in. Make smart food choices that satisfy your hunger while taking care of your overall health. Besides the many health benefits, we must remember that over consuming anything can be bad for health eventually. Hence, moderation is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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