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Top Notch Preparation with Top Notch faculties!

Hi, My self ASHISH KADAM! I want to thank all the Nursing Next Live team, and all the Mastermind Faculties for their quality content and their Grand Tests especially helped me a lot.

Thank you Bharti ma’am for taking follow-up throughout the course. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart!


Nursing Aspirant? GO FOR NNL! Nursing next live is the best and the most authentic application for those preparing for any competitive exams it has helped me in all possible ways for attaining AIR-12 in AIIMS norcet 2022
.The faculty is very knowledgeable, competent, and helpful and the relationship managers are always there for help during preparation. Overall this is a complete package for your road to success.


A Compendium of Nursing Excellence! This is the best platform for the preparation for Nursing exams. The content is very easy to understand and covers all the previous year’s ques of Important nursing exams along with probable questions.
The faculty here is the best. NNL has helped me a lot in my NORCET preparation and in securing a wonderful rank. Thank you NNL!!


Nursing Next Live took my preparations to the NEXT LEVEL!

Nursing next live is an exemplary online platform for any nursing competitive exam. All mastermind faculty and the entire team of NNL put their greatest efforts to provide us quality content that they promised.

I am very thankful to the entire team of nnl which helped me to secure AIR -10 or category (OBC) rank 1st in AIIMS norcet 2022. I would recommend this app to all nursing students so that they can – WIN RACE AT THEIR OWN PACE.


Nursing Next Live: My Dreams Made True with the best! I have achieved AIR 27 in NORCET 2022 and NURSING NEXT LIVE has made my dream of working in AIIMS come true ❤️
I would highly recommend this app to NORCET aspirants because the content provided on this platform is authentic, updated, and is taught by the subject experts.

Plan ZERO 2.0

– Aasif Khan

Free but filled with value! I have attended the uploaded videos and live sessions on their YouTube channel and used their free pack PLAN ZERO 2.0 for the last 2 to 3 months.

 All were highly helpful, and because of that, I achieved 18th Rank in Bihar-CHO. Thank you very much NNL app!

– Arif Hussain

Plan Zero: Paved my way towards success! Even if it is a free pack, it consists of utmost value and limitless wisdom that will suffice all your requirements for Nursing Exams.

It has helped me achieve all of my goals.

Hear from more happy users

Hear from more happy users

Plan A (Crash Courses 2.0)

– Bhawnesh (AIR 9 – AIIMS NORCET 2021)

Continuous motivation during my preparations! Thanks to the NNL team especially to Sakshi ma’am, Sabina Ma’am, and Mukhmohit sir.

Their continuous guidance and support motivated me to give my best in the exams. SUPER 25 & Grand tests were really awesome. Thanks to all!

– Jeniffer Devi (AIR 3551 – AIIMS NORCET 2021)

SUPER 25: Super se bhi upar! First off, thanks to all the faculties of NNL. I had subscribed to SUPER 25 and it was quite useful and helpful for me.

I highly recommend the same to all the aspirants.

Plan B (NORCET Test Series Ver 3.0)

– Diksha (AIR 776 – AIIMS NORCET 2021)

Big credit goes toooo…NNL! Nursing Next Live was the greatest companion to me during my NORCET preparations.

I cracked the MSc Nursing Entrance Exams with AIR 29 and also qualified for NORCET 2021. The Test Series Package of NNL helped me a lot. The biggest part of success goes to Nursing Next Live.

– Diksha Kimta (AIR 3235 – AIIMS NORCET 2021)

Nursing Next made my preparations comprehensive! It has helped me crack the difficult questions for my Nursing Competitive Exams.

The MCQs in the test series was extensive and practicing from them, made me confident about my preparations. I was fully prepared for all that had to come

Plan MSc (MSc Entrance Pack)

– Satish Rathod

All we need to crack any MSc nursing entrance exam. I have been using Plan MSc from Nursing Next Live App for 1 month, and it is all we need to crack any MSc nursing entrance exam.

Every subject is given precise and important topics in the form of Synopses and Exam Capsules which are necessary to crack the exam and the best thing is we get to practice very good quality and quantity of questions. It is based on perfecting base knowledge of subjects and practicing questions. It has made my preparation easier, you don’t have to study so many books to understand the concepts. Precisely focused synopsis made me understand concepts faster and the question solving was very exciting from practice tests and previous year’s question papers. Also, It includes all support by the team of nursing Next Live app.

– Anindita Mukhopadhyay

Very Helpful I have purchased an MSc Nursing plan for my upcoming entrance. Contents that are available on the app are very helpful and informative for any MSc Entrance exam.

Previous year questions are also available for practice tests that will help you boost your preparation. I hope NNL will guide us with the latest exam trends and patterns.