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The popular digitalization trend has changed the whole education system, where technology has altered the common traditional approach of teaching-learning to web-based digital learning. Now anyone can learn anything, anytime, anywhere.

To make study more interactive and convenient with learning materials, i.e. Textbooks, the concept of Hybrid edition of the books has been conceptualized. In the series, many Bestsellers and the Titles of students’ choice are available in the Hybrid edition.

This hybrid learning is blended learning wherein printed books are thoughtfully integrated with digital support to re-conceptualize the learning method in a more interactive manner with added value to knowledge.

The holistic approach of the hybrid edition is to provide flexibility in learning, the freedom to study theoretical concepts with books, and the enhancement of skills through practical learning on digitally interactive support. The hybrid edition is an endeavor to facilitate the next level of preparation for any competitive nursing exams, where you have options to do More Practice Tests, More Learning through Audio-Visual aids, Plenty of Quality-Content, Lots of Flexibility, Customization, and Engaging-Interactive Learning Experiences.

How Does a Hybrid Edition help you to study like a pro?

  • Helps in both, concept building from the Book and practical application of concepts with Digital support.
  • Keeps you updated on all the recent advancements by furnishing up-to-date content from time to time
  • Provides flexibility to access the important content to learn and practice anytime, anywhere
  • Provides audio-visual aids to learning with the loaded Podcast and Videos that help you in building your concepts
  • Provides 24*7 learning resources and assistance with any doubts and queries from the book as well as from digital support
  • Provides additional content with monthly updates, which is not covered in the book in order to maintain the consistency of learning to keep you updated
  • Analyzes and assists in identifying the strengths and weaknesses to improve efficiency in studying patterns.
  • Provides a well-structured and effective planner to complete the syllabus on time.

9 Features of the Hybrid Edition

Read Manually and Search Digitally/Read Digitally/Search on the GO

• Make every digital touch count by accessing Complete Content in Digital Form in a searchable format—Covering Terminologies, Chapter-wise cum Topic-wise Important theories, Nursing Abbreviations with meanings, and Drugs with their classifications.
• Get a pool of Antonyms, Synonyms, One-word substitutions, Idioms, Phrases, and Nursing/Medical Vocabulary at your fingertips. (The above feature will be covered as per the demand of the subject)

Revise on the Go/See and Memorize

• No need for carrying a book every time, now get all the Important Tables, Flowcharts, Illustrations, and Diagrams, Important Annexures and Appendices are at your fingertips for quick reference.
• See all the Illustrations with a zoom-in effect
• Read, Revise & Memorize the content on the go

Dil Mange More Content

• Get Must-know content from the book and additional valuable content in this section
• Get Additional Theories, Topics, Chapters, Unsolved & Solved Exercises, Videos, Study Tips, Learning Modules, Sample Records, and Teaching Modules containing PPTs and exercises.

Any Doubt, Ask Us

• Now clear your doubts and queries directly from the Author or from our Scientific team within 48 hours

Be in the Spotlight/Share Your Feedback

• Special section to acknowledge our Reviewers/ Contributors/Rank Holders & Happy Users.
• To be in the spotlight section, share your feedback, suggestions, and success stories with us.

Listen and Recall/Listen and Learn

• Read theory from the book and revise chapters with the chapter-wise golden points in podcast form
• Instead of simply reading a chapter, now make your learning more interactive and retainable
• Learn Pronunciation of words with their meanings and Important Drug names with definitions (The above feature will be covered as per the demand of the subject)

Read and Practice/Assess Yourself

• Now practice what you read and learn
• Get chapter-wise exercises in Practice & Review Mode
• A variety of exercises in MCQs, Fill in the Blanks and Match the following format
• Get a futuristic approach toward Nursing Competitive Exams
• Chapter-wise cum topic-wise system-generated exercises
• Evaluate yourself with chapter-wise and topic-wise system-generated performance-based report

Recent Updates

• Keep your knowledge up-to-date with Monthly/Quarterly Hybrid Updates

See and Perceive/Watch and Learn

• Make complicated topics easier by watching engaging and interactive videos.
• Visualize Human Anatomy and Physiology with the applied concepts in a 3D-animated format
• Know all about the Important drugs with their usage
• Master the English LSRGW skills
• Learn Clinical/Simulation-based, basic to advance nursing procedures in Animated form.
• Get a Glimpse of Conceptual Videos by the Mastermind faculties - Top Medical & Nursing Faculties (The above feature will be covered as per the demand of the subject)