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The genesis of the manual is attributed to the tremendous response to my lecture notes in surgery. The book has been named as a manual as it is complete, comprehensive, precise and simple. Manipal Manual of Surgery is written, keeping in mind the time constraint and vastness of the subject that the student has to face before an examination.

ISBN: 9789354660252

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The features improvised in the sixth edition are as follows

  1. This book is comprehensive, fully updated as per the recent needs and easy to assimilate.
  2. Sixth edition of the book revamped to meet the requirements of competency based medical education recently promoted by the NMC curriculum
  3. Complemented with clear, simple language, lucid style ,diagrams and photographs by Master of the subject
  4. Full of illustrations which will serve as vital feature for a valuable textbook
  5. Learning objectives are included within the theory topic itself
  6. As per new curriculum, a few topics have been deleted from the older curriculum and a few have been added.
  7. Many changes have been incorporated in new edition but very few additional pages inserted as unnecessary and outdated information and obsolete surgeries have been deleted.
  8. A new section called ‘Principles of Surgery’ which deals with ethics, communication, conduct, consent, research, audit, medico legal aspects, biomedical waste disposal and many other important topics.
  9. Most of the competencies have been given the specific numbers for your quick reference.
  10. A wide range of clinical topics are discussed, including clinical methods, with excellent quality photographs helpful for university clinical examination also.

Key Features

  1. 174 competencies
  2. 2502 illustrations
  3. 806 MCQs
  4. 705 Key Boxes
  5. 12Commandments
  6. 259Wisdom lines
  7. 198 Tables
  8. 61 Clinical Notes & Key Notes
  9. More than 30 contributors from across India from Premium Institutes

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  • Text & visual material of the book for students & teachers

Recommendation by author for aspirants:

Read well, look at the figures properly, make use of the flowcharts, practice drawing the line diagrams—you will definitely be successful and will grow to become a good compassionate doctor.

Must Buy:

  • Final professional year Undergraduate Medical students
  • Also serve as a very valuable textbook for teachers of surgery and practicing surgeons

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6th Edition




K Rajgopal Shenoy | Anitha Nileshwar



About the Author

K Rajgopal Shenoy MBBS MS FRCS (Glasgow) is Professor and former head, Department of Surgery, and ex-Associate Dean, Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Manipal, and Consultant Surgeon at the associated KMC Hospital, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE)-Deemed to be University, Manipal.He has had a brilliant undergraduate and postgraduate career with ranks and distinction. Prof Shenoy has been on the faculty of Surgery at KMC, Manipal, since 1986. He stresses on the basics and at the same time makes efforts to teach the students evidence-based medicine.He has been an invited faculty in many CMEs.An acclaimed and a popular teacher,he has received ‘good teacher’ award in the institution several times.As an undergraduate and postgraduate examiner,he has examined students from many universities for the last 27 years. He is vibrant and innovative,and has a multifaceted personality.A born-leader and loved by his students,colleagues and friends, it is hard to find him alone. He constantly features at all the academic and cultural activities of the institution. During covid times, for the benefit of undergraduates and postgraduates, he was actively involved in online teaching programs such as lectures, theory classes and clinical discussions from many virtual platforms and from many states of India. He is author of the popular CBS books Manipal Manual of Clinical Methods in Surgery, Manipal Manual of Instruments, 2/e and Manipal Manual of Surgery with Clinical Methods for Dental Students,4/e.

Anitha Shenoy (Nileshwar) MBBS MD FRCA is Professor and former head, Department of Anaesthesiology, KMC, and Consultant in Anaesthesiology at the associated KMC Hospital, MAHE, Manipal. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, London, UK, and is trained as a cardiothoracic anaesthesiologist. She is a popular postgraduate teacher and well recognised at the state and national level teaching programmes. Dr Nileshwar has edited the entire text of this Manual with tremendous devotion. She is the coauthor of the other popular CBS book Manipal Manual of Clinical Methods in Surgery.