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Nursing Officer Recruitment Common Eligibility Test


200 QUESTIONS – 180 MINUTES – AN YEAR’S WORTH OF PREPARATION AND CHANCE OF BEING SELECTED? You must be thinking, what’s the point of thinking about the chances? It’s all about how much we study. Well yeah! That’s partly right. But don’t you think understanding the level and dynamics of competition will also help determine your motivation level? Right? So let’s discuss that.

Nursing Officer ecruitment Common Eligibility Test (NORCET) – the fancier the name sounds, the more challenging the competition. I don’t say this to scare you, readers. But NORCET is like a grand finale of a reality show that you wait for throughout the year! It the time for your year-long preparations to culminate into a successful attempt and bear the fruit of a job in a central overnment hospital.

NORCET was first introduced in 2020 by AIIMS and helped in filling the nursing officers vacancy at AIIMS and any other central government hospital that announces to fill their vacancies using this exam. Based on the previous statistical data, around 1 lakh nursing students appear every year for this nursing officer recruitment examination. For the past three NORCETs, approximately 4000 vacancies were announced each year. With that, the probability of getting a job is almost 0.04. That means, out of every 100 candidates appearing for the exam, only four will make it to the final list. (Yikes…..that’s way too less!) I know you want to stop reading here, but please continue reading and assess the quantum of competition here.

Below there’s a table of percentile cut-offs of qualified candidates for 2021 and 2022:

If you observe the trend, the cut-off has somewhat decreased for all the categories of candidates, but the fact remains – Simply qualifying for the exam is not enough. You need to be at the top to bag a job! And then you question to what rank candidates get a job. So in the tables below, I have summarised the last ranks (year and category-wise) till which the candidate got the job in the first round of counseling:

If we look into the non-PwBD category and compare 2020 and 2022 outcomes, we will see that the cut-off rank has gone high in most categories, signifying increasing competition. Theabove cut-off ranks are only for the AIIMS institutes; the competition for central government hospitals like LHMC & SSKH, KSCH, Dr. RML Hospital, and Safdarjung hospital is even higher.

These are the facts and figures of the most awaited nursing recruitment exam. After going through the above tables, a few of you might have thought it’s time to gear up and double our preparation. On the other hand, the majority of you might have started having second thoughts about your career choice. To the latter group, I want to say, PEACE OUT, PEOPLE! No field is devoid of competition. No matter your career choice, you would have faced the same cutthroat competition everywhere. So what can be done now?

Let’s understand the characteristics of the candidates attempting the NORCET! 

1. Females have the upper hand here: yeah yeah…..80:20 rule! Can you do something about it? Nada. It’s a factor that can’t be controlled (as of now). But for the male candidates, I would like to say that since you can’t handle this factor, it would be better to focus on the preparation part.

2. The “reappearing” gang: a section of the candidate appearing in the exam already have a job but are applying again either only for the sense of competition or to get a center in or near their home state. So a majority of this section ends up leaving the seat after the result because they didn’t get what they needed, and the minority section ends up accepting the seat creating a vacancy for the next NORCET.

3. The educational difference: As you all know, the NORCET can be given by B.Sc. graduates (without any clinical experience) and GNM diploma holders after two years of experience in a 50 bedded hospital. The following point is not to undermine the GNM candidates but to give them a reality check! B.Sc. graduates have more theoretical knowledge than GNM candidates since their syllabus is more extensive. And since NORCET tests more of your knowledge, GNM candidates need to level up their preparation game more when compared to the B.Sc. Nursing graduates.

  1. The freshers and oldies: the fresh pass-outs have more chance of qualifying for the exams when compared to the experience holders. I still remember that during the induction program of 20 Nursing officers, 18 passed their eligibility degree in that year or a year before. So my advice to the old pass outs is that you can still make it. Just keep yourself updated with current knowledge. All you need is consistent effort! 

The figures might have overwhelmed you. But you know what, good preparation can beat any competition, and you can pass out with flying colors and, of course, a government job. And Nursing Next Live will help you with that. The overall strike rate of NNL’s subscribers was 65% in 2020, and in 2021 it was more than 80%. Last year, our overall strike rate skyrocketed to 90%. Most of our plan holders are Plan C+ subscribers. Currently there are around 700+ subscribers for Plan C+, which offers 1700+ hours of videos in Hinglish/English, mentor support, updated study material and a reliable question bank with rationale.

Plan C+ and test series will help you thoroughly understand the competition, the syllabus and the kinds of questions usually seen in the NORCET exam. It’s essential to stay updated and keep track of the new developments in the knowledge based on which questions can come up in the exam, and Nursing Next live is a one-stop center for all these facilities at an affordable price. 

The road to NORCET is not easy, but as we all know, we value something only when it has been difficult for us to gain it. I am telling you, once you achieve your target, you will realize that all that hard work and those sleepless nights were worth something big! And this competition isn’t just about getting a job; it will help you become a better self. When you finally taste success, you will know THAT WHAT DIDN’T BREAK YOU ONLY MADE YOU STRONGER