Plan UG is a dedicated pack for Nursing UG students. Therefore, the content provided in this pack is as
per the latest INC syllabus. Also, it includes UG papers, Long & Short Q/As, MCQs, Procedure Videos,

and Phygital Book. This makes it a complete pack for all your UG needs and wants with a Futuristic


Video Lectures by the top educators in India—The Masterminds
Long & Short Questions & Answers as per the University exam pattern for all subjects & all topics
MCQs from all subjects & topics in Practice & Review Mode with detailed explanations
Phygital Books – One Phygital Access for every subject
Nursing Procedure Videos
Previous Years’ Unsolved University Qs
Revision Tests
Grand Tests
Discussion Videos on Long Essay Qs
Important Tables & Images of all subjects with a Description
3D Anatomical Images with Voiceover
All the content is available year-wise. For details, see our TOC in the App.

Both languages (Hinglish & English) are available. The App’s contents are all uploaded in Hinglish. You
can toggle between languages

We not only prepare you for university exams but also for the NORCET exam. Therefore, Plan UG
content is UG-centric, like Long & Short Q&As, Video Lectures, and Procedure Videos. Moreover, there

are Subject-wise/Topic-wise MCQs that prepare you for NORCET or other Nursing Officers’ exams.

We have a Dual Approach: UG and NORCET. We nurture you for UG and NORCET exams from Day

One. Hence, the Pack’s tagline is “UG

Phygital Book is a hybrid edition of the Physical Book, i.e., Physical+Digital. You will get a digital content
of the Physical book

No, it is not an exact replica of the Physical book. It is based on the concept of “Read Physically &
Practice Digitally.

Golden Points: Videos on Important One Liners from the book
Solved Exercises of the book
Tests: Topic-wise MCQs, Semester-wise Tests, Grand Tests
Selected videos of Masterminds
Search on the Go: Important topics with their description in searchable format
Important Images & Tables with Description
Unsolved University Papers
Recent Updates

Yes, study material is available in this pack, named Nursing DE-CODE

The study material in this pack, titled Nursing DE-CODE, includes the following:
Long & Short Q/As on High Yield Topics
MCQs from all subjects & all topics
Nursing Care Plan
Clinical Condition-based Assertion & Reason
Comparison between Normal & Diseased Condition
Spotters with Images & Brief Descriptions
Important Medical Terminologies

Yes, there is a Semester-wise Guided Study Plan and you will be guided by the top educators in India.

Every month, there is an orientation session conducted by RMs & Subject expert. Subject experts. In
the session, you are guided on how to study from the App, what content you can access, and what other

activities we have planned, and any other updates.

All lectures are pre-recorded, and there will be a Live Doubt Session once a month

We have a very efficient query system. You can email your query or raise it through “Any Doubt? Ask
Us.” Additionally, there will be live doubt sessions once a month where you can raise your query and it

will be answered within 24 hours.

Discussion Videos will be available for all subjects on Long Essay Questions. Further, you will be notified
by the assigned RM regarding the Live Session.

Plan UG is not university-specific. Extensive research has been done on various university exam patterns,
and a standard approach is adopted based on the Latest INC Syllabus. Therefore, it doesn’t matter where

you are; it will help you ace your exams

No, you cannot subscribe to individual subjects. You have to subscribe year-wise, and you will get access
to all the subjects available in that year.

Yes, we have University Unsolved Papers. Currently, the following universities’ papers are available, and
gradually we will upload more Universities Papers in the App.

Delhi University
Kerala University of Health Sciences
Rajasthan of Health Sciences
Chaudhary Charan Singh University
The Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University

Yes, handwritten notes are available for the video lectures.

Yes, you will get the Procedure Videos as per the syllabus. We have Skill Videos on All Clinical Subjects:
Adult Health Nursing, Midwifery & Obstetrical Nursing, Nursing Foundations, and Pediatric Nursing.