Plan MSc caters to the needs and wants of Nursing students who are preparing for the MSc Entrance
Exam. This plan provides complete knowledge and preparation in the form of All Subject-wise/Topic-

wise Synopses, Tests, Concept Maps, IBQs and a variety of New Practice Tests based on Real-Time Exam

Pattern of all National & State Level Exams prepared by experts after proper analysis and research. As

part of our comprehensive preparation package, we have included all the important national and state-

level papers and relevant Q/As along with the latest and previous year’s papers, along with videos on

expected Q/As and important topics.

  • 1000 Probable Q/A discussion by Nursing Expert focusing on concept-based learning
  • Important Topics selective videos by Mastermind Faculties.
  • How to crack MSc entrance exam: Tips and Tricks
  • Extra Content will be added as per new Exam notifications.
  • Target MSc Book.
  • 1200+ pages Synopsis: Comprehensive Subject-wise synopsis covering Important Topics
  • 4000+ (MCQs+IBQs) integrated with synopsis topics along with their brief Rationale
  • 20+ Previous Years’ Papers of all MSc Nursing Entrance Exams from 2021-2010 with Rationales
    (Review and Practice mode)

  • 25+ Practice Tests: Practice tests based on important university patterns containing recurring and
    frequently asked questions (Review and Practice Mode)
  • 15+ Special Tests (Review and Practice Mode)
  • 400+ Subject-wise Tables for Last Minute Revision (PDF)
  • 60+ Concept Maps covering important topics from an exam point of view
  • Target High MSc Entrance Book
  • 2000+ Golden Points of all Subjects
  • How to prepare for the MSc entrance exam/How MSc is different from other plans
  • Tips and tricks to crack the exam
  • Important probable Q/As discussion videos (covering 500 Qs)
  • 30+ Important topics selective videos by Mastermind faculty
  • 1 Month Marathon for AIIMS MSc Nursing 2023 (May 2023)
  • Live Doubt Session by Nursing experts
  • 10 AIIMS MSc Mock Tests (Part 2) based on the pattern of AIIMS MSc Nursing exam
  • 14 Subject wise Most Probable Q/A discussion Videos covering 600 Qs by Nursing faculties focusing on concept-based learning1 Special Test

Validity of Plan MSc is 6 Months.

The content is all preloaded

Yes, you will get the complete content except the updated content. Mock Tests & Question & Answer
Discussion Videos will be uploaded on schedule.

It’s Conceptual image and tables of a particular topic with detailed explanations.

Yes, we have covered the complete syllabus for any MSc entrance exam

You will get a Target High MSc Entrance Book with MSc plan.

MSc through AIIMS doesn’t want any experience but rest of the universities ask for One year

Yes, you will get Study plan along with Know All About Plan MSc Video inside plan MSc.

Yes, you can appear for the examination, but must have the result in your hand at the time of document

Yes, there are Question & Answer Discussion videos along with 30+ hours of Mastermind Videos

We have very efficient mechanism to deal with query you can email to us or you drop a message in a
group designated by the RM. Your query will be answered within 24–48 hours

No, there is no installment option from our side. If your bank provides this facility you can use it.

It varies from student to student – If your foundation is good then you can just go with plan MSc.

You have already subscribed to the best pack. Here, you will not only get the Previous Years’ Papers of
MSc but also the Test Pattern based on the MSc pattern. But the content provided is sufficient to pass

any MSc Entrance Examination.