This course helps you prepare for the Community Level State Recruitment Exams of the various states.
The different state-wise CHO exams are covered by the complete state exam syllabus. CHO Crash

courses have detailed content in the form of Subject-wise/Topic-wise Qs with rationale, a variety of

Grand Tests based on Real-Time Exam Pattern, E-Notes for LMR & Chanting/Imp Topics Videos by the

TOP Educators. All tests are based on CHO’s Real-Time Exam Pattern.

In NNL CHO Crash Course Pack you will get:
35+ Subject-wise Tests & Grand Tests (including Bonus Tests & Previous Years’ Papers)
1500+ Questions with Rationale
100+ E-notes for last minute revision covering all the important topics as per the syllabus of CHO
50+ (Duration of 32+ Hours) Pre-recorded Videos given by top faculties in Hinglish covering every
important topic from exam point of view

The Concept of a CHO crash course is to prepare for any & all CHO exams conducted by any state in a
short amount of time

Yes, but we also add content strategically as per the requirement of the current CHO Exam.

All the videos in CHO crash course are pre-recorded.

  • The students who target CHO exam in any state.
    Working Professionals, who have limited time to study, can prepare well from this pack in a relatively
    short period of time.

    Students who prepared well for the exam, but want to gain last-minute momentum

The maximum validity of the CHO Crash Course pack is 2 months

The CHO Crash Course Pack is available in Plan A.

The CHO Crash Course Pack includes 35+ Subject-wise Tests & Grand Tests (including Bonus Tests &
Previous Years’ Papers) with Rationale

You will get 50+ videos (duration: 32+ hours) on important topics in the CHO Crash Course

The CHO Crash Course includes 100+ Last Minute Revision notes covering all important topics.

You will get 2000+ Questions with a rationale in the CHO Crash Course

Videos are available in both English and Hinglish.

Yes, you can attempt the test multiple times in the application.

Yes, we have a study plan for the CHO Crash Course (month-wise and daywise) in the Study Plan
section. For any queries, contact the Relationship Manager.

Yes, by clicking on Review Performance after every test.

There are two options to attempt the test: Practice Mode & Review Mode.

No, you can access the package on only one device at a time.

You will get the tests as and when they are live on the app. You will get access to all the live tests that were
live before you subscribed to the CHO Crash Course Pack

You can find it in the Study plan for the CHO Crash Course.

CHO Crash Course is a rapid revision program for exams in less time. In CHO, we have covered all
important topics for the exam, and our motto is to focus on quality over quantity.

You can use the CHO Crash Course by accessing our app to watch our exam-centric videos and
attempting our Subject-wise/ Grand tests. After attempting the exam, you can refer to our Last-Minute

Revision Notes to polish your skills for your exam.

Yes, you can talk to your assigned RMs to renew this pack.

Yes, you can speak to your RM to get the Desktop version updated

No, there are no handwritten notes in the CHO Crash Course, but there are Last Minute Revision Notes
under the Important Videos/E-notes tab

You can download 15 videos at a time.

The maximum validity of a downloaded video is 30 days, after that the video will be removed from the
downloads section.

You can clear you queries through “Any Doubt? Ask Us.”