Plan C consists of Video lectures of all the subjects by the Masterminds. It is available in two variants. 
(1) Individual Pack: Here you can subscribe any subject lecture of your choice
(2) Create your own pack: Here you can subscribe to any 6 subject lectures of your choice and create your own pack as per your needs and wants.

Both the languages (Hindi & English) are available. In Hinglish all the contents are uploaded in the App. You can toggle to switch between languages.

If you have subscribed the pack Plan C+, then you will be entitled to access the following content:-
 Complete video of all the subjects by the Masterminds in Hindi/English
 RRR videos
 Plan B (Test series Pack)
 Super 50
 Updated Study Material (NNL Revision Book Vol 1, 2 & 3)

Guided study plan is a scheduled plan of preparation for 9-10 Months. In which the complete plan is divided into three batches—Foundation Batch, Intermediate Batch &  Rapid Revision Batch. Each batch is of three months. Contents are uploaded as per the weekly scheduled and you have to follow daily 8 to 10 hours of recorded video lectures daily if you have joined the foundation batch including Assignments, weekly revision tests, MAT &  SAT. Your classes are integrated with Hybrid Live Teaching.

Foundation Batch Those who joined the Foundation Batch will get the 9 months time to prepare for the next NORCET, which is the ideal time required for the preparation. Students of the foundation batch can comfortably finish the complete syllabus and revised the syllabus once. Intermediate Batch Those who joined the Intermediate Batch will get only 6 months for the preparation. Here you have to give daily 12-14 hrs to your preparation than only you can finish the syllabus. It is suggested if you have a good base. Rapid Revision Batch: The fast track batch where the important topics are covered in the fast mode. If your subject knowledge sound then you can join the Rapid Revision batch.

The content in the Foundation & Intermediate Batch are same. The only difference is that you are getting sufficient time for the preparation Foundation Batch & comparatively less time in Intermediate Batch. In Rapid Revision Batch only the important topics are covered by the Mastermind

Hybrid Live Teaching is combination of both recorded and Live classes. These classes are integrated with Guided Study plan. Once any subject is over as per the plan there is a Hybrid Live Teaching of the same subject. There is session mentor to deliver the content along with RMs

It is combination of both recorded & live teaching. Here the recording of Mastermind will be played in presence of session mentors. All the contents are created by the Mastermind faculty and also the authenticity of the content is taken care by the Mastermind faculty. Session mentor make sure that the content should delivered correctly & updated.

It is divided into Days & each day has its specific schedule. In Hybrid Live Class you will be getting Subject Summary Subject Assessment Test (First & Final) Probable Qs Discussion by the Masterminds (Recorded) E-notes discussion by session mentor Reward winning Rapidfire Rounds Extra Edge Live Doubt Session by the Masterminds

Yes Hybrid Live Class will be available in the App once the complete Hybrid Live Teaching of the Particular Subject is over.

As of now the Hybrid Live Teaching is conducted over ZOOM but later on the session will be Live in the App. You will get a dedicated link through your RMs. Link remains the same for the particular subject. You can join the session daily through the same link.

You will get it in Plan C. There is a tab Hybrid Live Teaching. All the HLT classes are uploaded subject-wise

SAT is the part of Hybrid Live Teaching. There are two SATs in every subject Hybrid Live Teaching. First SAT at the beginning of the Hybrid Live Class based on the assignments you have done in Guided Study and at the end there is Final Subject Assessment Test based on the Probable Qs Discussed. There are 100 Qs in each SAT. There is discussion on the difficult Qs of SATs along with the analysis.

Those who are not attempted the SAT as scheduled can attempt the paper in plan C under Hybrid Live Teaching Tab. There is a Tab of SAT you can attempt there. But it is advisable to attempt the paper on schedule to get the analysis & National Level Ranking. Those who attempt later will not get the analysis & national ranking.

Yes it is available in both Hindi & English. If your Hinglish user, you can access in Batches but if you are English user you will get the Content organized in a week-wise in English Tab only.

In Hybrid Live Teaching we are taking care of the students from both languages. Though the classes are in Hinglish, faculty maintain a proper balance of language or if you do not understand anything you can raise the query during the session through chat or when you are allowed to ask a query.

There is a dedicated plan for the students studying in UG. Where apart from the lectures you will get the subjective Questions & answers (Long & Shorts) & MCQs based on the University Exam pattern of Centralized Universities.

Plan C+ is all-in-one one-in-all pack. If you subscribe the Plan C+ you are getting Video lectures of all subjects, MCQs topic-wise, Plan B &  PODCAST. Contents available under Plan C+ are so enriched that you can prepare for any Nursing Exams. But if you are looking for any short course then we have a Plan MSc dedicated to those who are preparing for MSc Nursing Entrance exams.

No you cannot get access to the to Plan C+.

You have the access to Super 50.

Yes, you have the access to Plan RRR.

MAT is Mega Assessment Test & SAT is Subject Assessment Test. There is a one MAT every month based on the Complete Syllabus on real-time exam pattern of AIIMS NORCET. SAT is integrated with Hybrid Live

NNT is National NORCET Test conducted every month. This test is free for all any one can attempt NNT. There is rewards for the top rank holders that depend on the policy of the company. For updated information you can follow our social media platforms.

NNL has a very efficient channel to deal with the query. In most of the cases we revert the queries within 24-48 hours. Further to reduce the response time we have added the Live Chat through which has reduced the response time to same day. You can raise your query through
 Email—feedback or nextian email id
 Live chat

Yes, notes of all the video lectures integrated with the video lectures.

No you cannot access both simultaneously. At a time you can either watch the video or notes.

Yes you will get the updated study material; NNL Revision Book in three volumes.

It includes important one liners from the Handwritten notes of all the Mastermind Video lectures. Probable Qs Discussion, GK Corner, Previous NORCET Papers. Only important High-Yield one liners are covered that helped you in your Last Minute Revision.