Plan B is a test series pack based on two patterns: NORCET and NCLEX
It includes the following:

Subject-wise Test
Grand Test
Previous Years’ Papers
Mega Assessment Tests
High Yielding Flashcards/E-notes of All Subjects & Imp Topics
Probable Qs Discussion Videos
Last Minute Revision Book

You will have access to PODCAST, Super 50 & Plan A

Validity of Plan B is for 1 year, 6 months & 3 months.

Plan B is NORCET-centric. But in 2023 we have added NCLEX pattern Qs in TSP 4.0. In addition, this
will add advantage to those taking NORCET 2023. Plan B is also helpful for any Nursing Officer exams

of National importance.

Yes, you can attempt multiple times in Practice & Review Mode

Yes, there is a feature in the App. Once you submit the paper, a pop-up appears on the phone which
shows your rank among the students who attempted the paper.

You can share your doubts through emails. You will get your query resolved within 24-48 hours

It is a detailed Test Plan based on the concept of learning through practice. It includes the detailed test
plan in the form of subject-wise, system-wise and topic-wise tests that will help you build in-depth

knowledge in your subject.

All the tests are NORCET centric and based on the Real-Time Exam Pattern of NORCET.

No. Plan B subscribers do not have access to Plan C. To access Plan C you have to get your subscription
upgraded. But there are a few High Yield Videos by the Masterminds that are given under plan B.

You can speak to the RM assigned to you or you can call at our helpline number.

You will get 100+ hours of Probable Qs Discussion videos by the Masterminds

A PODCAST is audio content for the last-minute revision of important topics. There are 5 channels on
NORCET 2023, Motivate Yourself, Nursing Stories, Memorizing MCQ, Pronunciation.

There are so many good features included in plan B. These features will make your learning journey very
smooth. These features are:

1. Bookmarking of the Questions: You can bookmark the question you want to refer later.

2. Pause: You can pause your test & resume after some time.

3. Performance Report

Revision Notes for LMR includes the e-notes/Flashcards/Clinical Gems of High Yield Topics from all
subjects that are helpful in your Last Minute Revision

NNL Revision Book includes notes on High Yield Topics from all the subjects, Probable Qs Discussion,
Updates & GK

Revision Notes for LMR includes the e-notes/Flashcard/Clinical Gems from all the subjects.

Yes, there is a Last Minute Revision Book in Digital Format available in the App

Yes, there is a study plan for Plan B users.

No, Hybrid Live teaching is an exclusive feature of Plan C+. Plan B users will get ‘Chalo Milkar Padhein’
along with Super 50 where you will study oneself amongst other students. Other benefits of Chalo

Milkar Padhein—RMs in the session to take your general query, Chanting Sessions & Doubt Sessions by

the Masterminds and learning session from the experiences of the toppers.

Hybrid Live teaching is Live teaching in presence of session mentor with a well-scheduled plan. However,
in ‘Chalo Milkar Padhein’ students join the ZOOM session but study themselves. It is just like a virtual


From TSP 4.0 we have started the NCLEX pattern Qs which is the Unique feature where we are coming
up with Dual Approach, i.e. NCLEX & NORCET Pattern. We have added more than 70 subject-wise

test which are based on NORCET pattern and 10 Grand Tests which are based on the Real-Time Exam

Pattern of NCLEX.

From the next year NCLEX will be a full fledged separate course. Subscribers of TSP 4.0 have the

advantage of getting the NCLEX pattern Qs along with Plan B and this benefit is available till NORCET

2023 exams.

Total 50+ hours of Mastermind videos are available in Plan B. Along with 40+hrs of Chanting videos
for Last minute Revision books, 100+ hrs of Probable Qs Discussion videos are available with Plan B.

We have a very efficient query system where you can ask your query through email provided by the RMs
or can raise your query through ‘Any query ask us’ feature. If still your doubt is not cleared you can get

it cleared in Live Doubt Sessions.

No, Plan B subscribers do not have access to RRR 3.0. To access Plan RRR 3.0 you have to get your
subscription upgraded.